Celebrating the Mother in Motherhood

Ahh. My baby just turned 6 months old. Before we do the whole, “Time slow down!” and, “Stay little forever!” thing, I have to push pause. This is about me.

What?! About you? You have a baby now – how can you be so selfish?
Chill, ya’ll. I’m allowed to have this.

I have kept a baby alive for 6 months. Not only living but thriving! I am awesome. I am a legend. I am the greatest mother alive.

Even she is shocked.

I can’t say it’s been easy. I have the bills from three emergency room visits, a fractured leg bone, and bags under my eyes to prove it.


My body has produced roughly 50 gallons of milk so far (moooo). I have nursed dripping sweat in the back seat and while being sung happy birthday to in a restaurant. I have breastfed on a safari ride at the Wilds (she doesn’t unlatch when we go over those bumps) and standing up in a Mexican restaurant bathroom (book idea: Oh, The Places You’ll Nurse!).


I have walked miles and miles wearing my little girl so she’d fall asleep yet somehow still have what I like to call my Kensie pouch (the name is the cutest thing about it).


I have lists out the wazoo but I don’t know why because none of them are complete and none of them get checked off. I have read books on weaning, books on sleeping, books about cows jumping over the moon. I have retained nothing.

I have learned to balance friendships and family events. I have learned that balance right now means missing both of those things a lot.


I have learned what I’ll do differently next time and been proud when I’ve succeeded (’cause honestly, 3 days in a row without a blowout is a trophy in itself). We’ve finally fallen into a groove. We’ve learned how to date while she’s asleep (mostly just eating cookies) and to explore while she’s awake.


I’m sure the things I complain about now I will yearn for later. I’m sure it only gets more challenging and time consuming. I am so, so far from the end of my parenting journey. Thank God. But, I am closing the chapter of her first six months. Thank God.

Let’s all admit it’s awesome and hard. If they are 2 weeks old or 27 (Hi Mom!), they take a toll. Let’s not wait until their graduations, their weddings, their kids to celebrate what good babies we’ve raised. Let’s do it everyday.


So yay! Happy mama-versary to me! I’ve raised such a wonderful little girl for 6 months and 2 days! She is curious and blabbering. I love her squeals and her smiles. She’s rolling and sitting and she’s stolen our hearts.


So now, time can slow down and she can stay little forever. I love her so.

But, I still can’t fathom how people have more than one of these munchkins. You guys should celebrate hourly.

Photo dump:


FullSizeRender (5)




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