Whether you are on your knees tying little shoes, on your knees vomiting from morning sickness, or on your knees praying for lives yet to exist, we have always been moms. We were made with this untapped love, with natural instincts. We were made to mother these children.

We were Made for Mommin’. This is an inclusive community celebrating every stage of mamahood and all that comes with it.

Along with eating too many chocolate chip cookies, I enjoy ignoring the dishes in the sink and laundry in the dryer. I may not be the best housewife but I was #madeformommin.

I’m Kirstie, a 27 year old Director of Communications in Troy, Ohio. I am in the best game of house with my husband and our four month old, Kensington. She has changed everything from my sleeping habits (obviously) to my thought processes. Her little personality makes our world go ’round.

My obsession with the birth process has carried over into mamahood and I believe research and education are necessary to make the best decisions for our children. There’s no way to be a perfect mother but a million ways to be a good one!

How were you made for mommin’?

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Made For Mommin’ is a personal blog & vlog by Kirstie. My purpose is to share experiences and thoughts as I experience motherhood for myself. My thoughts do not reflect our partners’.