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Kensington’s Birth Story

Birth is such a messy, hard, glorious miracle. There are no words that can capture the pain and joy experienced. Each birth is unpredictable and unique. No birth is greater than another. It’s been four months and I’m not over her birth. I don’t expect to be over it in 4 more months, 4 years or by the time she has kids. It is the … Read More Kensington’s Birth Story


3 Strangers Who Changed My Birth

Birth is an intimate thing – if not THE most intimate thing. It’s the same body parts, same noises, same hormones used for sex. Your life will be forever changed by the process and the result of this chain of events. When I got pregnant, I knew some of these things. I assumed I’d be spread eagle on a bed surrounded by very few … Read More 3 Strangers Who Changed My Birth


Brag About Your Birth

I started writing this blog after the birth of our daughter, Kensington. The birth of my motherhood. It’s a day I can not wait to write about. But before I write about that day, I feel like I have to preface it. Which is a shame, but it is what it is. This might get a little feisty.