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My Dad’s Not-So-Subtle Reminder

I grew up in a house with parents kissing each other in the kitchen and tickling each other on the couch. Gross, right? Wrong. The gross part is after one of us four girls asked them to get a room, my dad said firmly (every. single. time.), “If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be here.” Yes, “That’s what she said” jokes fly at … Read More My Dad’s Not-So-Subtle Reminder


A Better Father’s Day Gift

My husband gave me a massage for Mother’s Day and I finally got it this week. I left the baby alone with him for the first time ever. I think it took me the first 55 minutes of my massage to relax. You see, my husband had never changed a diaper when we had our girl. We are both the youngest in our families … Read More A Better Father’s Day Gift